MEET Zimmer

Comfort Cooling for your Treatment or Procedure


How does it work?

Zimmer providers powerful cooling enhancing comfort, reducing swelling, irritation, redness, and inflammation.


Who is a good candidate?

Any patient undergoing a laser, device, or procedural treatment at our practice that would like cooling for enhanced comfort during their procedure. 

Simply ask your provider to enhance your treatment with Zimmer at no additional cost to you.

For patients seeking to undergo a Zimmer session to reduce inflammation, skin irritation, redness, muscle pain, or similar concerns 30 minute sessions start at only $45. 


price Ranges: FREE and UP 


What is the Pre/Post Care?

No specific pre or post care is required for this treatment.



When Paired with Any Laser, Procedure, or Treatment

Free of charge

Without Treatment Pairing

45 minutes